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Engage SDK

All things related to the Articulate Engage SDK

Introduction to the Articulate Engage SDK

With the introduction of Articulate Engage ’09, Articulate introduced the free Articulate Engage Community Interaction Software Developers Kit (SDK) to enable Flash programs to create custom Articulate Engage interactions. So what the heck is a SDK? Well, SDK stands for software development kit or “devkit”. A SDK is typically associated with a software application and will sometimes include sample code,…

Carousel Articulate Engage Interaction gets an update

After realizing I built my first interaction with the Engage SDK version 1.2, I had to convert this to SDK version 1.3. The latest release (1.3) now includes support for importing .mp4 file types. The version of the SDK installed can be identified by browsing to the following directory: Vista: C:Users<username>AppDataLocalAdobe<Flash Version><language>ConfigurationClassesArticulateEngage XP: C:Documents and Settings<username>Local SettingsApplication DataAdobe<Flash Version><language>ConfigurationClassesArticulateEngage Depending…