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Dynamically adjust the audio level for Articulate Presenter slides

Did you know Articulate Presenter has an option to add background music seamlessly and across multiple slides?

By creating Playlists and configuring Slide Properties in Articulate Presenter,  authors can include a sound track in their presentations; this can add another dynamic, helping to draw viewers in. When combining multiple audio files or ambient music into multiple playlists, this can extend the dynamic further, especially when setting the volume for each playlist independently. Adjusting audio volume is a great way to set a mood, where quieter audio might help focus the viewer and louder audio can shock the viewer out of boredom; either way Articulate Presenter gives you most all of the tools to do just this – except adjusting audio volume automatically when a specific slide is reached.

NOTE: Because playlists are designed to play independently of slide duration, syncing the playlist or volume with slides would be difficult to achieve when using Free navigation.

Allow me to introduce the Volume Commander Widget for Articulate Presenter

With this simple Articulate Presenter Widget you can adjust the player audio dynamically when inserted into any slide. First rename the widget using the instructions below.  Then import it into the slide where you want the volume to automatically adjust.

Please watch the Screenr below to learn how to implement this widget in your Articulate Presenter projects.


1. Download the VolumeCommander_1.0.zip file.
2. Extract the VolumeCommander_1.0.swf file.
3. Rename the file VolumeCommander_1.0.swf by changing the 1.0 to a number between and including 0 through 100. See examples below:

VolumeCommander_0.swf  :: this will mute the audio or set the volume to zero
VolumeCommander_50.swf  :: this will set the volume to 50 percent
VolumeCommander_100.swf  :: this will set the volume to full or 100 percent

Note: It’s important to keep the underscore (_) in the VolumeCommander_ file name and just before the volume value; this helps the widget identify the value you set.

4. Insert the widget via Articulate Presenter’s Flash Movie option while using the following Flash Movie Properties:

Synchronization: Movie plays independently of slide

Please note: Although this has been fully tested, this method is not supported by Articulate.

Download: VolumeCommander_1.0.zip

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Articulate Help Document: Adding A Movie
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